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calibrated video or imagery in standard formats plonski 1/18/2006
Is it possible to get calibrated imagery in a more standard formats to read. I have a a A400 camera and the ThermaCAm quick view software. It seems that I can either capture images in proprietary jpeg format with the camera itself or Quick view. I can also record AVI using FSCAP in either F7MO, UYVY, or Y800 compression. The F7MO seems the most useful and things like windows media player can playback these files. I plan to acquire hours of video and would need to write some software to radiometrically process the video.

What are my options. It appears the the SDK toolkit has some libraries that allow you to extract the LUT to convert counts to temp, but do I need to get the SDK and go to this level. What is I set the lower and up temp in C (say 0 to 50 C). If I set the camera options to be linear with temp with a fixed range, can I just assume that the smallest pixel is the lowest temp, and the largest pixel is the highest temp with all other pixels scaling linearily.

I am primarily interested in working with video so that I can track the time rate of change. Any suggestions on the best software to look at radiometric time differences for avi files. I would prefer to get it into something like IDL, MATLAB or image pro so that I can automate processing and tie in with the specific times from other external data collection systems.

Mike Plonski
Re:calibrated video or imagery in standard formats Pelle 2/3/2006
The Video output from any of the FLIR A/P/S -Series Cameras is not calibratable. The video signal is not linear so a calibration the way you describe it will not work The SDK LUT function is for the Digital signal. The SDK will work within MATLAB so you can do analysis straight in MATLAB with the live signal. With the SDK you can record in the SEQ file format that you can replay with the SDK to do the analysis in post mode.

Pelle Soderbertg
FLIR SDK Support

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