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Quickview Videe 1/19/2006
Is there a way to rename the flying spot label available in QuickView software? Do tell.


Re:Quickview jgagnon 1/20/2006
The spot label cannot be changed using Quickview, however you can do this using Reporter 7.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Technical Support
Re:Quickview Videe 1/20/2006
To remove the target spot in QuickView - if the image is radiometric select the target and delete.
We tried this on one person's laptop with ver 1.1 and it wouldn't delete the target - only the entire image.

what version of Quickview is current? 1.3?

Re:Quickview jgagnon 1/20/2006
Quickview 1.3 is the latest. To delete a spot, click to select it and then press the "delete" key on the keyboard.


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