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quick insert graphs jimmyc 1/30/2006
Hey Guys:
I have two questions. First of all does anyone have any idea how to tell a good GFI breaker from a bad GFi breaker. Of course I wish to base the conclusion on the heat signature of said breaker.
Secondly in the quick insert charts a graph is included. If one generates a line across the line and load wires of a motor starter, one gets some very interesting graphs. Obviously the peaks is such a graph would represent the high temperature of the wires. Provided one had no reflections. My question is this would he troughs of such a graph represent the ambient temperature. I am attaching two photos o9ne of which uses isotherms. You will need to insert the second into a quick insert graph to see what I am talking about.

Sincerely, Jim
Re:quick insert graphs IRJay 1/30/2006
GFI if not operating at all would generate no heat at no load as the breaker is drawing some power constantly for it power supply. Otherwise no to verifing operation with an infrared camera. You need a GFCI tester.

The graph "troughs" as you call them are the other component temperatures which may be at ambient or not. They could also be reflection. The line tool assumes all the components which can be crossed with it are the same emissivity.

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