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Général information IR contractor 2/10/2006
How is it possible to see the range of a tanken picture on ThermaCam quick view or on reporter pro?

How is it possible to hide the FLIR indication on the camera taken pictures?


Re:Général information Bob Berry 2/10/2006
I dont know how to display the range in Quickview. It is very limited software and I suspect you may not be able to do this, but I am not 100% sure.

In Reporter 2000 pro.
Right click on a result table and select "Contents". Highlight IR Image on the left window Select the checkboxes "Range min" and "Range max" and click "OK"

In Reporter 7pro its much the same
Right click in a result table and select "Table Contents". Check the "IR Image" checkbox. Highlight the "IR Image" in the left window and check the boxes for "Camera Range Min" and "Camera Range Max"

If you simply want to view this occasionally the easiest way is to download a copy of "Thermacam Explorer", it is freeware and can be downloaded at You should be able to use this to get rid of the Flir Logo. If you click on image and select "Save as Bitmap" it will save the image as a bitmap without the logo.

Hope this helps

Bob Berry
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