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Introducing the new FLIR InfraCAM @ only $6,750 john@FLIR 2/15/2006
After the most extensive product develoment efforts in FLIR's history, we are extremely proud to introduce the new FLIR InfraCAM. Introduced today for the first time, the InfraCAM will make powerful IR technology practical and affordable for exponentially more users around the world.

The InfraCAM features:

120 X 120 resolution (FLIR Santa Barbara array)
Less than 1.25 lb!
Bright 3.5" LCD
Laser LocatIR
SEVEN hour battery!
JPEG images (not proprietary)
Measurement up to 662 F
Buy, rent or lease
Delivery 1-2 weeks!
Best of all, The InfraCAM is priced at an incredible $6,750.00.

Please contact your local FLIR representative for more information. In the US, FLIR will be holding over 200 open houses around the country to talk about the benefits of infrared and to demonstrate the new InfraCAM. In addition, FLIR will be introducing several other new IR camera products at these venues for a myraid of IR applications.

To attend one of these seminars you can register online at:

or call 1-800-254-0633.

To order an InfraCAM, customers can send their purchase orders to
or fax their order to 978-901-8887. Credit card orders are also accepted at 1-800-GO-INFRA (1-800-464-6372)

I am also happy to answer any questions emailed to me.
Best regards,
Re:Introducing the new FLIR InfraCAM @ only $6,750 Leocadio 1/20/2008
Mr. John:

I want to buy a InfraCam SD but I reside in Panama, you know who are the distributor in Central America and how much will be the costs?


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