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Infrared route syzygy 2/27/2006
Iam tasked with creating an Electrical infrared route as part of a Preventative Maintenance program,the 1st problem is scanning can only be done when the equipment is loaded/running so scheduling is a problem ,secondly to do trending it seems you would want to perform consistent inspections,i.e. the same areas on say a motor can anyone offer any suggestions on how they have set-up their programs?Iam in the Bio -tech sector and PMs are highly scrutinized.Any help would be appreciated.
Re:Infrared route Laland 3/1/2006
You may have no other option but to inspect when the equipment is running or loaded. That is the best time to do inspection specially if the equipment has been continuosly running. Second, fi you really want to establish trending, regular inspection is needed say once every three months.
Re:Infrared route Tony Holliday (HAWK IR) 3/1/2006

Hawk IR International manufacture a range of Arc-Flash tested IR Sightglasses which allow IR inspection without cover removal, at any time, with any camera.

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Best regards,

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.
Re:Infrared route Top Gun 4/24/2006
From my experience in a manufacturing plant in the automotive business, where machines are switched on and off at irregular intervals, it is best to maintain a list of the machines in the route. If you plan to inspect six or ten machines a day, just go through the route (a whole plant route) until you catch your desired number, whether or not you get the machines for that day's schedule. The next day you may catch one or more that were down the previous day or days. If you absolutely must catch a particular machine in operation, go to the production schedulers and find out when that machine is scheduled to run and go from there.
I hope this helps... Steve Moore

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