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Hollow Core Precast Concrete Roof Deck IR? StecGuy 3/8/2006

I have a question that i cannot answer, so i thought that i would put it to the experience of this board. We have been brought in on a building which is in the middle of construction as a third party expert. This building has a 12,000 sq. ft. hollow core precast concrete roof deck, which is like a cmu wall laying horizonatally. The roof system has already been installed. During other investigation the general contractor cored into one of the hollow horizontal columns formed by this precast construction and water just poured out. So now the general contractor is worried that this is consistent in the construction and need a means of locating the moisture in these hollow core channels. Is infrared a tool under certain conditions that can be used? If not, what recommendations, besides coring all 12,000 sq. ft. is there to test each hollow core channel?

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Re:Hollow Core Precast Concrete Roof Deck IR? Conrad 3/8/2006
should be possible, can you see from underneath? Careful core drilling, if you hit a post tention cable... uh-oh...
Re:Hollow Core Precast Concrete Roof Deck IR? StecGuy 3/9/2006
Yes, the under side of the concrete is exposed. What would be the conditions i would want to attempt this scan. I was thinking similar to scanning the underside of a metal roof assembly, late in the morning as the roof is heating up, and looking for the moisture inversion, if this is even possible. The conctractor has granted us permission to attempt this scan knowing that it may not yield any results, but if it works it will save them tons of man hours. Any more thoughts?
Re:Hollow Core Precast Concrete Roof Deck IR? ICA 4/3/2006
I think two questions need to addressed here.
1. How did the water get into the hollow core chambers, and
2. If the water "gushed Out" where did the water come from?
The IR camera should be able to help you locate which cores are holding water, since they should carry any heat colllected through the day. But more importantly, where is the moisture originating? If the roof has already been installed, could it be coming in from a source on the roof? Also, what are the structural load limits of these columns? Are they designed to handle the additional weight of that much water?

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