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GasFindIR greenlabs 3/8/2006
About GasFindIR I would like to know which is the difference from a classical IR camera.
If the result is to see the VOC as a "black smoke" it seems that "simply" the new camera have just a greater temperature resolution, while, obviously, doesn't permit to classified the gas nature beacuse of the integral measures done with the thermocamera. In particular for gas leaks it seems that the camera use the dynamic expansion of the gas (that produces cold) on the atmosphere. The same camera doesn't allows to classify the species og gas for istances producted by an exaust or from a pipe.
Could be possible to have a clarification ?
Re:GasFindIR Gary Orlove 3/10/2006
Take a look at this article to answer your questions

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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