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Exception Reports - Reposted David Campbell 3/12/2006
My previous question was a little short on details of my problems. I have been using Exception Ver 3.OR4 since 1996. I like this program much better than newer versions - it is straight forward, simple and easily read and understood by everbody, even if they have no electrical background.
Problem: When I go to 'Full Report' it creates the Report perfectly and pages can be printed from here. If I go to 'Create_Save Copy of Report' it sometimes inserts blank pages in the 'Inspection List' pages and then may or may not create all of the 'Report Pages' (usually numbered wrong ie 6 of 4) and almost always doesn't make an 'Inventory List or 'Data Page'. On smaller Report it works correctly. When this happens I just go back to the 'Full Report' and print the pages individually. Re-indexing doesn't help and memory is not a problem. Infraspection can't help because of the age of the program. If you can help my E-mail address is

Dave Campbell
Thermal Infrared Services (Canada)
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Re:Exception Reports - Reposted TDLIR 3/21/2006

I used to use this Exception reporting program also. I just loved the format and information. In my opinion nothing has come close to this template.

My clients also prefer the format of the old Exception style reports.

But as you are seeing, this program has too many bugs to effectively do large reports. I'm sorry to say that the only way to print these large reports are page by page just like you are doing.

I use a FLIR Thermacan IR camera and began using the Reporter program about 4 years ago. But I ended up creating a report template that looks just like the Old Exception report. Now my reports are done faster with no problems.

With regards to the inventory, I just use excel for that.

The new Exception reporting software is still very good, but I wish they had the option of using either the new or old template style.

For now the FLIR Reporter is working fine.

Sorry I could not be of any more assistance.


Sonny James

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