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How does infrared can detect moisture? IR contractor 3/14/2006
I was asking me a question about the way we can see moisture with a infrared camera.

I have 3 advise for that

- I think that the moisture have a hight purcentage of water and the temperature of this water is changing in a different way than the air temperature.

- I also think that the moisture is visible to IR because the moisture create a chemical reaction with the bacteria, the wood, mushrooms and others stuffs in the structure.

- Also as I learned at my course that the evaporation create a hot partern, the moisture contain a hight purcentage of water it may evaporate a little

Give me your advice if I am on the right way
Re:How does infrared can detect moisture? IRJay 3/15/2006
Advice is to attend building science classes. None of these assumptions are correct
Re:How does infrared can detect moisture? Doctir bob 3/15/2006
Evaporating moisture cools the surface from which it evaporates. Condensing moisture warms the surface on which it condenses. An Infrared Camera can detect these surface temperature variations due to the effect of moisture either evaporating or condensing. The dew point of the air is important to determine whether evaporative or condensive conditions exist. A skilled, trained thermographer knows how to find these areas and interpret them properly.

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