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ASNT Level I field hours? Pete 3/16/2006
I am a Level II Thermographer and am pursuing my ASNT Level I & II certifications. The ASNT certification is the only certification recognized by my company.

My question is: Do the 3 months field experience only count for time behind the camera or does it include analysis and report preparation? And is there someplace offical that spells it out?
Re:ASNT Level I field hours? mofais 3/16/2006
Dear Pete
I believe there's no such as ANST Level 1 & 2. The courses offered by those independent institution only meets the criteria required by ASNT for that specific level. ASNT only offer certification for level 3. Pls browse
Re:ASNT Level I field hours? Pete 3/17/2006
Please reference ASNT SNT-TC-1A, 2001 Recommended Training for Level I & II . It references training, written test, and work experience. It applies to the majority of non-destructive testing methods i.e. ISI, vibration, Ultra sonics ect...

I know it exsist because, they stuck it in front of my nose and said do it. It just doesn't reference what makes up work experience. It seems to me that analysis and report preparation should count as work experience not just time behind the camera. My Level III only counts time behind the camera.

Re:ASNT Level I field hours? Bob Berry 3/18/2006
As far as I am aware under ASNT SNT-TC-1A, Level 1 & 2 certification is issued out by your employer, and is subject to your employer meeting the criteria within SNT-TC-1A, for instance a written practice.

Re:ASNT Level I field hours? TDLIR 3/20/2006
Bob is correct!

The ASNT SNT-TC-1A is a "Recommended Practice" it is a guidline for your company to make their own "Written Practice" or Rules governing training and certification of your inspectors.

So what your company must do is Take the TC-1A "Recommended Practice" document and write your own "Written Practice". You can also modify whatever you wish from the TC-1A document to satisfy your company's and client's needs. Remember it is just a guidline document for your to make your own standard.

If you notice the wording in the TC-1A document is "SHOULD" and therefore not to be taken to the letter. It is your job to change the "SHOULD" into "SHALL" for your written practice.

A similar document to the SNT-TC-1A is the ASNT CP-189. But this document is not to be modified.

ASNT only directly certifies ASNT Level 3 and also they have their ACCP Certification which is ISO9712 based.

Hope this helps clarify things.


Sonny James
Re:ASNT Level I field hours? TDLIR 3/20/2006
Pete, you wrote:
"am pursuing my ASNT Level I & II certifications. The ASNT certification is the only certification recognized by my company"

Here's what you need to become an NDT Level I or II for your company:

- First your company should have their Own SNT-TC-1A "Written Practice" which will outline what is required to get you certified.

- Second, your company's Level 3 or Manager who is in charge of the NDT certification for the company will have to review your current Certification, Qualification and Experience and then determine if you Qualify for their company's SNT-TC-1A certification.

- The company's Level 3 or Manager will then make the decision to grant you Certification under their company's written practice, or decide that you should pass a written and practical examination. Or even decide that you need X amount of additional field hours.

- It is your company that certifies you NDT level 1 or 2 SNT-TC-1A and no one else. All the courses you see out there form IR Training Institutes are stated to "MEET" SNT-TC-1A requirements. It is up to your employer to accept or reject your course certificate as to whether or not it meets with their training requirements for certification.

With regards to field hours towards your certification, it pretty much consist of both the Practical inspection and lab Analysis.

Note the ASNT SNT-TC-1A Defines "Experience" as: "Work activities accomplished in a specific NDT method under the direction of qualified supervision including the performance of the NDT method and related activities but NOT including time spent in organized training program."

So any approved and or supervised work you do outside of a training class is considered Experience towards your certification.

Hope this clears up any further questions.


Sonny James

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