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Periodic Save on PCMCIA cards Deme 3/21/2006
I've been trying to use the 'periodic save' function on our AGEMA 570 to automatically record images every 2 sec onto a PCMCIA card.

1st question: is there any way to record more than 999 images at once? The file format seems to support only 3 digits SEQ***.IMG, so you have to manually create a new directory and continue from there.

2nd question: every now and then, the camera indicates that there are 'too many images', usually around the 300 images point, and then records another 100 or so images before stopping, even though there is plenty of room left on the card. This seems to happen randomly, whether the directory is made by the camera or whether the directory pre-exists from the pc.
It also happens with both the 160 MB SiliconTech PCMCIA card and the ORA Memory 1GB Compact Flash Card + Socket Type II CF-PC Card Adaptor combination i recently installed. The latter works fine otherwise.
If anyone has experienced similar problems I would appreciate the input.

Re:Periodic Save on PCMCIA cards Raphael Danjoux 3/21/2006
On your machine, 300 is the max number of files that you can save in a given directory, whatever the size of the PCMCIA card.
Re:Periodic Save on PCMCIA cards Deme 3/22/2006
thanks for your reply ! However, the camera usually does save 999 files in any given directory, regardless of the card size.
I simply have to access the saved images from the pc.
The problem is that, every now and then, and I can't foresee the when, it decides that 300 is the max.
Re:Periodic Save on PCMCIA cards Manuel 3/24/2006
at manufacture time of agema 570, 300 images was enough, technology has been changing over time and now the 'operative system' inside that older camera is 'too small' with today needs.. there are nothing to do with camera in order to store more than 300 images, maybe some SOFTWARE REENGINEERING modification can be done but sounds expensive if camera age is evaluate.

my two cents.

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