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Camera recommendations LaBella 3/21/2006
I am ready to purchase a Flir BX320 or EX320 for use in home inspections now with the hope of expanding into commercial inspections soon. I would like to have a camera before I take ITC's Building Sciences and Level 1 courses. which would be better? Will either of these serve me well enough for a few years?
Re:Camera recommendations Gary Orlove 3/22/2006
I would go with the EX320 on account of its greater temperature measurement ranges. This will come in handy if you want to perform industrial or commercial inspections on equipment or processes other than building envelopes.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Camera recommendations LaBella 3/22/2006
Thanks, Gary. Can you rec. any books to read before my B/Sci class in June/Dallas?
Re:Camera recommendations BIS Oregon 3/23/2006
Does anyone know if FLIR has plans of making a camera that is more ergonomic than the B2, Bx320, EX320 style for building inspection use? I would like to buy a FLIR camera but don't care for the angle I have to hold that style camera at to look at a floor or flat roof. But, it is comfortable for looking at upper walls & ceilings and such.
Re:Camera recommendations Bob Berry 3/23/2006
Flir already manufacturer the B25, P series and S series. These are better to use and more ergonomic than the E series and the cameras you described. They are however more expensive.
Re:Camera recommendations BIS Oregon 3/23/2006
Let me re-phrase. Does anyone know if FLIR has plans of developing a camera that is ergonomic at a price point that will compete with the Flex-cam or Hot Shot? $10K-$15K. A re-designed B2 would fit the bill very well, same componants in a more ergonomic design.

I have went to the open house and played with the BCam, but was not happy with its display due to smaller detector size. I like the functions of the B2 and BX320 but do not care for the ergonomics.

Re:Camera recommendations Gary Orlove 3/24/2006

The only book I would recommend, and this is by no means necessary at all, is COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO THERMAL IMAGING by Gerald C. Holst.

This is available at our bookstore at

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Camera recommendations Videe 4/26/2006
On the B cam - Is it possible to stream or 'see' a live image using the USB port??
Re:Camera recommendations Toolman 4/26/2006
Some possibilities for you:

1)Flir sells a HUD that attahces to safety glasses & plugs into the video output jack on the camera. It puts the IR image right in front of your eye

2) Small, portable & inexpensive LCD displays with video input are readily available from a number of sources

3) Small DVR devices such as the Archos AV500/AV700 units allow you to both display & record the video output from the camera. With a little ingenuity you can add a mike that will allow you to record an audio comentary along with the video. Being able to provide your customer with a CD/DVD of the inspection might not be a bad marketing tool......
Re:Camera recommendations Videe 4/26/2006
Yes Thank you. HUD IS a cool and useful option...but the cost may be too high though - If we want to show the image on a projector or larger TV for a client we'd be out of luck sounds like...
...That new BCAM has cool features but I'd like to see a composite out for more versatility.
Re:Camera recommendations what? 5/1/2006
If you don't mind a still image, you can use Quickview to take a snapshot of your subject while you are at the conference table. I forget the command, but it is within the dropdown menus.

I believe that you can accomplish the same thing by operating the camera as usual, while connected to your computer. With Quickview open, simply save an image, and it will appear in the software (on screen).

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