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What is that ? IR contractor 3/21/2006
I performed an inspection and I try to find what can cause the kind of pattern. I'm not very experienced inspector but I think it can be a kind of moisture.

Do you have any idea?
Re:What is that ? IRJay 3/22/2006
It appears to be nails or screws along a support member. The lower set do appear to have some additional anomaly. Verify if it is moisture with a protometer (moisture). It could be a leak or condensation.
Re:What is that ? ICA 4/1/2006
What knid of surface were you looking at? Drywall, wood. What were you inspecting? House, Barn, Garage?
Could possibly be some kind of fastiners, but need more information in order to help you.
Re:What is that ? Ron Space Man 5/22/2006
I would be helpful to have more information, but if it's a drywall or some type of paneled surface I have seen similiar patterns as a result of panel adhesives
Re:What is that ? Laland 5/29/2006
If it is a drywall panel, I think those are nails with putty on top.

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