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Termography in a Destillation Tower TermoNeo 3/28/2006
Hi everybody:

can Somebody say me if we could to inspect a destillation tower in a petrochemical plant with termography.

Thanks for the information you can provide me

Re:Termography in a Destillation Tower Gary Orlove 3/28/2006
The camera can be used for the monitoring of temperature on distillation column tubes. The surface temperature is an indicator of :
the resulting metal thickness, allowing the detection of flaws and cracks, the possible presence of coke, reducing the internal fluid output, or external surface changes, as a result of poor combustion.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

Re:Termography in a Destillation Tower TermoNeo 3/29/2006

Thanks for your information, my client wants to check the "plates" in it, can I "see" them with termography and reporting him its condition or How can I do a valuation of this items.

Some literature advice?

Thanks again
Re:Termography in a Destillation Tower Michael 5/5/2007
If someone has IR images that identify internal tray locations, damaged or fouled packing bed, deposits on the deck, in the downcomers or sump, I am very interested in seeing them.
Not to say that it's impossible, but I am skeptical that IR would give the needed detail. (Unless of course there was a serious internal problem i.e. collapsed/ disrupted trays)

Is Gamma Scanning not an option for some reason?
Re:Termography in a Destillation Tower ChevIR 1/12/2008
on uninsulated columns with down comer type trays you can seen the flow from one tray to the next. On columns that utilize seive type trays you can pick up the tray locations at times depending on how much level is being held on each.

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