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Infrared Survey - White Roof Membranes David Wix 3/30/2006
Has anyone had any experience performing infrared moisture surveys on white roof membranes (PVC. TPO, etc. Where there any problems reading the roofs.
Re:Infrared Survey - White Roof Membranes ron lucier 3/30/2006
The only problems I have encountered is when the roof temperature dips below the dew point. The warm areas associated with moisture in the insulation will dew over last. When the dew does form, typically it will become very reflective. Other than that I've had great success with EPDM, TPO and PVC.

Remember, the sky condition is the driving force. Clear night equals rapid cooling, overcast equals slow cooling. Getting on the roof early - even before sundown - is important if the sky is clear. Your roof inspection window may be very short.

Good luck!

Ron Lucier

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