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International vs USA Detectors TDLIR 3/30/2006
I heard somewhere for International orders FLIR actually uses a different detector on thier IR cameras such as the P65 than they would use for a USA order.

I think this is so that export licenses would not be required.

Is this true? and if so what are the spec differences between the US and International detectors used for lets say the P65?

Best Regards,

Sonny James
Re:International vs USA Detectors Raphael Danjoux 3/31/2006
Detector technology is one of the differences.
Amorphous silicon vs. VaOx.
Performances are rather similar for standard CM thermography.
Re:International vs USA Detectors TDLIR 3/31/2006
Thanks for the reply.

So what are the actual spec difference between the US and International P65?

I think that any Camera Vendor who offers this should have a spec sheet for both the US and International cameras.

As a Thermographer from the Caribbean, I understand and am happy to know that there are ways to bypass the "Red Tape" procedures of US export licenses. It's just that I think the client should be told of the differences in hardware. Especially with something as critical as the detector.

So can anyone can give me a compare spec sheet between the US and International P65?

Best Regards,
Sonny James
Re:International vs USA Detectors Bob Berry 3/31/2006
I am not aware of any great difference in the specs. The image is a little more grainy from the non-licenced detectors, but I dont think that most people would notice unless you had both cameras side by side. They have added an extra range to the non-licenced cameras -10C-60C, this is to help overcome the difference in the image, and to be honest it does a pretty good job. The good news is that you can probibly still but the camera with the licenced detector, if you are prepared to put up with the restrictions.
Re:International vs USA Detectors Edd Hindmarsh 4/1/2006
What is being said is not strictly correct, when buying a FLIR camera you have the option of having one with the US detector or the European one wherever you are, to my knowledge. I have used cameras with both types of detectors and found that the US detector was by far superior. Put up with the hassle of getting an American Export Licence and purchase that one. In general thermography I have found the European detector where there are often quite large temperature differences was sufficient. But where there are more subtle differences the American one was best.

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