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AFCI Testing Ea1Services 3/31/2006
I am looking for any papers or suggestions on the investigation of AFCI breakers overheating. The NEC speaks of wire temperatures but is silent on acceptable temperatures of breakers. Square D has had a recall of breakers and the person I am working with is trying to build some case studies to determine the conditions required to cause the overheating. Any help greatly appreciated.
Re:AFCI Testing Ron Space Man 5/22/2006
I have also been finding a number of overheated AFCI breakers under normal load conditions with thermal scans. Visual inspection of breakers and wiring shows nothing obvious and I'm at a loss to explain it to clients other than to suggest further view by a licensed electrician.
Do you have further info on recalls?
Re:AFCI Testing/ az temp!! azdan 7/4/2006
Look up Eaton , The folks there are very helpful about defects in AFCI breaker tech. Ive sent them pictures of improperly installed breakers ( the neutral hooked up on sub panel isolated ground andbacke me upon it!)
The tempature ranges here in AZ are off the scale when the panel is mounted on the west side of theh ome and the abient Temp. is 114 F!( see attached pic on normal day)
Dan Haydon Scottsdale AZ
Re:AFCI Testing Laland 7/9/2006
What is AFCI?
Re:AFCI Testing HITECHSOLUTIONS 12/11/2007
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter, it measures the "footprint" that current leaves. If the current spikes up or down out of it's normal operating range the AFCI recognizes this and trips the circuit. If you say that AFCI's are heating up wait until next year. The 2008 NEC requires pretty much all branch circuits in Residential homes to have AFCI protection.

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