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Wide angle lens vs standard lens BDS368 4/5/2006
My department recently purchased an E45 for use of doing Building Surveys. It came with a 17mm lens, how do I determine if this is a wide angle or standard lens...

Re:Wide angle lens vs standard lens Gary Orlove 4/5/2006
Look in your operating manual for the chapter "Relationship between fields of view and distance". You will find tables listing Field of View for the different lenses and different detectors. The type of detector you have will be stated on the inside of the battery cover. Find the correct table for your lens and detector type. The 17mm lens has an approximate field of view of 19 by 14 degrees and is considered the "normal" lens for that camera.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Wide angle lens vs standard lens sreten 4/7/2006
I agree witg Garry. In my company, Electrodistribution of Belgrade, I work with E65, and we habe the same lans, and we also have and 36 mm lans (9 x 7, 2x telescope).

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