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IR-thermography vs. Laser printers... Andrew Szelc 4/9/2006
Dear Elite of Thermographers,

I work in one of the R&D groups at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Recently, my team has been involved in a specific program.
What you can see in the picture is a general scheme of a laser printing device. And here the story begins...

The aim of the project we wish to start is to construct on top of an IR-laser device (external drum) a heat detectable device in such way that the focus on the area of the incident laser light is maintained during IR-laser exposure on the rotating sample and during lateral movement of the laser and IR-camera. This construction should allow for almost unlimited signal accumulation on ?one? spot, thereby ensuring a detectable signal. In order to allow for a high resolution image, microscopy lenses will be required, hereby limiting the focus distance to about 3 cm which in turn will complicate the construction.

Our department is in possess of AGEMA 550 SW TI camera (there are three additional objective lenses).

Is there anyone who has any experience in infrared microscopy or has ever heard about similar IR systems?
Any suggestions, criticism, ideas or relevant information will be highly appreciated.

Regards, Jedrzej Szelc
ITC-FLIR Level II Thermographer, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

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