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Info on SPF Foam Roofs Scans David Wix 4/13/2006
Looking for information on performing an IR scan on a foam roof. How difficult are they to scan. Does any oneone any thermograms to share of SPF roofs.
Re:Info on SPF Foam Roofs Scans jersey 4/21/2006
Our company has been performing infrared surveys of spray-applied polyurethane foam roofs for many years. Key elements in performing this type of inspection include imager selection and timing the inspection as well as documentation. Since 1984, Jersey Infrared Consultants has performed inspections on millions of square feet of SPF roof and has provided expert witness testimony in legal cases involving this type of roof.

Attached here is an image taken of a SPF roof with a FLIR ThermaCam PM390.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. For additional information, also vist our website: <>

Carol Ciemiengo
Jersey Infrared Consultants
Ph: 609-386-1281 ext. 23

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