Message Board Thread - "Study of flames with AGEMA Thermovision 900 SW TE"

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Study of flames with AGEMA Thermovision 900 SW TE P.Lopinto 4/27/2006
Dear Sirs,
I'm a young researcher in an Italian University and I work for the Environmental Department of Milan.
In this time I'm involved in a research program about atmospheric pollution from combustion systems.

I'm a newbie of infrared thermography and I would have a question that I know to be enough problematic.

Inside of my plan of research I am using AGEMA Thermovision 900 SW TE and I'm "watching" some methane-air flames in a bunsen burner.

Could someone give to me some indication about the right way to find the temperature of such flames?

I have problems to insert the correct value of emissivity, could you give some indication to me?

Since the field is extremely new for me, whichever bibliographical review or document on the web would be a lot appreciated.



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