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EIFS Al 5/17/2006
When is the best time to perform an inspection on a home clad with EIFS ?
I have done hundreds of EIFS inspections using a Wet Wall Meter and Probes but have not done any with infrared. I completed level 1 and will be attending building science next month but I need to do the inspection prior to the class.
Re:EIFS JNTOOLS 5/18/2006
The best time would be a few hours after the sun has set. Preferably on a clear night, stars, no wind. The heat from the sun during the day will heat the insulation under the surface; any water that is trapped in the insulation will show hot at night while the dry surfaces will cool faster to sky. Water has a higher thermal capacitance so it will hold the heat longer. Be careful when you see a hot spot, it could be caused from other factors such as heat from an exhaust vent or a piece of metal flashing. When in doubt verify with an EIFS moisture meter. Hope this helps some.

Joel Nachman
Level 1,
Building Science Thermographer
Longwave Inspection


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