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Standby Battery Systems irinspect 6/3/2006
I am looking for a good resource to study up on for the operating conditions of a standby battery system. What's normal and what's not normal. Any info would be appreciated
Re:Standby Battery Systems Manuel 6/19/2006
Hi Irinspect

operating conditions will depends on brand and manufacturer will be able to advice you.

if you have installed standby battery system and want to make infrared survey, well, maybe you can have 2 possibles scenarios:

1.- shut power off, with this, battery stand system will provide energy to run full load (or what it needs) to main load, in that conditions you will have great oportunity to check the stand by system.

2.- at beginning of installation, when batteries are charging will have oportunity to check the stand by system.

3.- this one i dont like, try to remove stand by system in order to connect resistive load to 60-80% of full load.

this are my two cents.


Re:Standby Battery Systems Doctir bob 6/26/2006
The battery backup systems I have done were all under trickle charge conditions. With this load any temperature rise indicates a serious/critical problem. The power dissipation increases by a factor of 1 million when going from 100ma trickle charge to 100 amp supply. In fact I was always a bit nervous in a battery room as one never knew when load would be demanded.
Re:Standby Battery Systems Pete 6/28/2006
We have 12 battery banks of 60 cells each that we perform I/R on. Not only do we look at the connections, we look for temperature differences between the cells and differences from previous tests. We perform I/R while a discharge test is inprogress during routine maintenance. We have spotted degraded cells during I/R.
Re:Standby Battery Systems jvoitl 6/30/2006
On two occasions I have found localized hot spots on the sides of batteries, indicating an internal resistance. These batteries were on trickle charge at the time, and applying full load may have had unpleasant, violent results. I now scan battery banks prior to as well as during load testing.

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