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Furnace Tubes danny_b 2/6/2004
I know how to measure skin temps through oil fired and natural gas fired burners but I tried to measure through an oxygen burner flame and could not see through this flame with an agema 550. How would I go about taking measurements through this type of flame. Does it require a different filter or is there some other form of adjustment.
Re:Furnace Tubes ron lucier 2/6/2004
Unfortunately I ran into problems similar to yours at a refinery that was burning gas that emitted a different flame spectra and there was a lot of radiance at 3.9 micrometers. I could see through the flame but measured tube temperatures over 300 F higher than they really were. We discovered this by noting (in a vertical heater) that the furthest tubes ended up hotter than the ones near by.

The answer to your question is an expensive one. You need to get a spectroradiometric curve for that gas and if there is a wavelength that allows for it, get a custom made filter.

I have no experience with that type of heater so any industry experience out there - as in others who have done this successfully - should be of interest to all.


Ron Lucier

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