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Pixel size Andrew Szelc 6/8/2006

Can anybody tell me what are the dimensions of a standard pixel (singel detector) of an IR-array (SW detector, 320 x 256)?
I have heard that it should be around 30 µm per 30 µm, but are there any arrays consisting of "smaller" detectors (let us say 20 x 20 µm^2)?

I will apprecaite any info. Thank you in advance.

Regards, Andrew Szelc
Re:Pixel size Manuel 6/23/2006
hope this answer your question:
image taken from:
Re:Pixel size Andrew Szelc 6/27/2006
Thank you for your help.

Regards, Andrew Szelc
Re:Pixel size Pelle 6/27/2006

There are no standard size for individual cells in an Array detector. The most common size for 3 - 5μ InSb detectors 320 x 256 seam to be 30 μm pitch
while 640 x 512 InSb seam to have a 25μm pitch

Pelle Soderberg/FLIR Systems
Re:Pixel size manuel-thermoimagen 6/28/2006
can you tell us the reference, site or book where you get this interesting information to read more about?


Re:Pixel size Pelle 6/28/2006

This is a statistical info by looking at all specs for these type of cameras (InSb 3 to 5 micron).
The picture you posted is of a bolometer detector where the pich varies a lot from manufactures, while the question was on a MWIR Camera 3 to 5 micron.


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