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Insight "drillcam" Videe 6/8/2006
Does anyone know how to best record images from this camera? At its frame rate it'll have to be a work around but is it possible? We can use the analog/composite rca output to view images on certain TV monitors but not on a projector...Would it record any viable images to vHS?
Re:Insight "drillcam" john@FLIR 6/26/2006
Unfortuntaley that camera does not have any type of onboard image storage. I also believe the camera's output is only B&W and there is no manual span adjustment.

You should be able to record to VHS, perhaps a Video Walkman or even a camcorder. You could also use an Archos Mobil DVR if you preferred a digital medium.

Good Luck,
John Keane

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