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Need advise on File Format Laland 6/8/2006
Can anyone comment on what will be the better filw format for a thermal camera? Why?
Re:Need advise on File Format Jim Haney 6/9/2006
If it’s any help, our cameras all used proprietary file formats in the past (IMG, ANA, TIF, TGW, etc…) this is so you will be able to use our software to do post processing on the images. They all have embedded information in them so you can do things like put a spot on a point of the image and get a value. Because different manufactures use different techniques in embedding the information they have there own software that will work with the image format from their cameras. We (FLIR) found that this also causes added work for a customer who simply wants to show a client a picture of the target, but does not want to loose the ability to analyze the image. So we made a common file format that also contains the embedded data. The format is a JPEG format that can be viewed as a standard picture, or used in conjunction with our software products for post processing thermal data. Other than that the only reason for different formats are what I stated above; to use post processing software on the file. It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is the concept is the same.

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