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Novolak resin layer emissivity Andrew Szelc 6/20/2006

Does anyone know what is the emissivity value (SW region) of a 1 mm thick novolak resin layer?

I will appreciate any info.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Andrew Szelc, ITC - Level II
Re:Novolak resin layer emissivity Manuel 6/22/2006
make a search on your favorite seach machine using NOVOLAC instead NOVOLAK.

are we talking about a resin wich contains:

-Phenol, polymer with formaldehyde, glycidyl ether
-Benzyl Alcohol
-Epoxy Resin
-Iron Oxide
-Titanium Dioxide

maybe will find on the net, i get more hits with word NOVOLAC.

good luck.
Re:Novolak resin layer emissivity Andrew Szelc 6/29/2006
Thank you for your reply.
I refered to polymer resin.

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