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detecting pipes underground IRCat 6/26/2006
We have been asked to detect pipes undergound at a depth of up to four feet deep. Would soil ground penetrating radar be a more appropriate technology?
Re:detecting pipes underground manuel-thermoimagen 7/7/2006
Hi IRcat..

sometimes when piping carries steam (or other hot product) and there is a leak, its very ease to locate.

gas leaks can be detected due grass or vegetation damage.

there are lot of magnetic and ultrasonic equipment to detect old and no in use underground piping.

Re:detecting pipes underground brian 7/12/2006
Yes, I agree with Manuel. Unless the pipes are hot it's going to be difficult to detect them with IR at that depth. If they are large diameter and under soil there's a chance that you can see them or their trace via indirect effects such as a change in the soil humidity above them.
Re:detecting pipes underground Blood 7/13/2006
The utility industries routinely detect many types of pipes, ducts, cables, tapes underground in their right of ways using a number of techniques. Your local Dig Safe companies might be a place to discuss this. Also look up "Outside Plant" Magazine.
Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.
Re:detecting pipes underground Greg at SITS 7/16/2006
Hello IRCat:

You did not really give enough info here for us to help you.

It certainly helps to have heat [or cold] going through a pipe if you want to locate it. Even if you cannot see the pipes, sometime you can see the leaks. We find pipes and leaks all the time...

And, you can hire an expert in infrared FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to run a model and then you will know whether or not it can be done, and even what IR equipment will be required at say, a given depth, on a pipe of a given temperature and flow. But you have to give the FEA model good data.

Below, a link to Kleinfeld Technical's web site. Jack Kleinfeld is expert in IR-FEA. We hire his company to tell us what is feasible and sometimes more importantly, what is not.

Greg Stockton


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