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Back reflection of an IR-array Andrew Szelc 6/28/2006
Our company has recently had a demo of a thermal camera from one of the european manufacturers.
The presented thermal camera (a medium wave 3-5 um device, with InSb stirling cooled array consisting of 320 per 240 detectors) was equipped with a microscopic lens. The length of the microscopic tube was roughly 25 centimeters.

To our surprise, a thermal pattern of the camera's array was seen during the tests. (The array of the camera was reflecting in the objective lens decreasing the apparent temperature.)

As if it was not bad enough, we also noticed that there were some thermal reflections inside of the microscopic tube (at least it looked like that, the "reflections" were distributed over the outer part of the thermogram). The microscopic tube was not equipped with any sensors to monitor the temperature of its optical elements.

1) Is it normal that the cold array reflects in the objective lens? In our case, it disturbed the measurements.
2) Should not the microscopic tube have some means of controling its temperature?

We would highly appreciate some comments on that.
Thank you in advance

Jedrzej ("Andrew") Szelc
Re:Back reflection of an IR-array Bob Berry 7/1/2006
What you describe sound like the narcissis effect. This is quite common in IR, a simple NUC function should correct this.

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