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PMMA plastic: heat transmission? DougK 6/28/2006
I have need to measure the surface of an automotive lamp lens made from clear PMMA plastic ( with a lamp bulb on continuously behind the lens. I did this test first (FLIR P40) with some 3M Super88 tape over part of the surface and got extremely high temp readings. I'm wondering if the PMMA is acting as an IR window for the lamp bulb and what I'm reading is really the bulb temp. The PMMA emissivity calculates to .84 using the black tape as a reference. I'm unable to find any reference that tells me about the IR transmission properties of PMMA. Does anyone have any info or suggestions?


Re:PMMA plastic: heat transmission? Doctir bob 6/29/2006
PMMA could have some transmittance in the long wave IR band depending on its thickness. You may want to send a sample of your material to a lab for spectral transmittance measurement. One such lab is Surface Optics Corporation, . You could also measure the band transmittance with your IR camera. For R&D, though, I always recommend understanding the spectral nature of your target.

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