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Energy Loss from Process Pipework Nick@CVS 7/4/2006
I have been requested by a client to identify areas around his production facility where his equipment is losing energy in the form of heat. He would also like to have some idea of the amount of energy being lost. I have located some areas of process pipe work steam/condensate and hot water systems which have no insulation. What is the best way to calculate a figure for each of these items of plant?
Re:Energy Loss from Process Pipework Aubrey 7/10/2006
Here is a site that may help.

I know there is a chart out there that has the calcualtions on it, but I cannot find it.

Re:Energy Loss from Process Pipework Aubrey 7/11/2006
I found the chart....

It is in the Piping Handbook, 5th Ed. under the piping insulation section.

Give me a shout for more info.

aubrey dot green@ipaper dot com

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