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Flir Buildcam Prairie IR 7/7/2006
Anyone have any experieinces w/ Flirs new Buildcam?
Image quality etc.

Re:Flir Buildcam Bob Kulakowski 7/23/2006

I bought one because of its affordability. I expect that as my business grows I will need a more advanced imager.

The BCAM is a good entry level imager, does what you need, just no bells and whistles.

Good luck!
Re:Flir Buildcam scanIRjim 8/9/2006
I looked at the BCAM and the B2. Obviously the BCAM is cheaper, but it has limitations. The software for one. I chose the B2, more money yes, but for me the right choice. If you plan on really expanding into IR I would look to spend a little more and get the better camera.
Re:Flir Buildcam awpov 8/9/2006
I also looked at both the Bcam and the B-2. Yes the B-2 is more money, but you are getting a better piece of equipment. The resolution is not good on the Bcam. When it gets down to the smaller images, you will not see them on the Bcam, you will on the B-2.

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