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Aerial Mapping of temp. of house roofs nick_ 7/8/2006
I am trying to work out if it is possible to map heat loss of houses by taking the temp. of the house roof. I have a Flir P65 that i would attached to a fixed wing plane. I was thing of doing a grid pattern taking images every x seconds and using a gps to determine position, I have a 24° lens and was thinking of flying at 500m or 600m. Does any one have any experience in doing this, any info, ideas or where to get more advice would be great.
Re:Aerial Mapping of temp. of house roofs Doctir bob 7/10/2006
While at the University of Wisconsin, I did this as part of the energy crisis of the '70s. This was also done by the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM). What we learned was that most residential homes have well ventilated attic spaces above the insulated portion of the home. This ventilation "thermally decouples" the roof surface from the conditioned areas. One can sometimes infer missing insulation, but it is not a good method for looking for uninsulated or poorly insulated residences. In fact the ERIM report showed high correlation with roof pitch for roof surface temperature (view factor effects) and little correlation to insulation levels. But we used IR cameras that were much less sensitive than those of today. Perhaps, with careful correlation, one could do a better job with today's IR cameras.
Re:Aerial Mapping of temp. of house roofs Greg at SITS 7/16/2006
Hi Nick:

Bob is right about the ventilated attics. But I am surprised by no correlation between poorly ventilated attics and poorly insulated attics.

Now, if Madison was the site of the study, I can believe that the buildings are better insulated than the national average owing to the cold winter temperatures and need for better insulation there.

You did not state the purpose for the proposed survey. I am assuming that you want to sell building heat loss surveys and enlighten the public.

You might try shooting out the window at an angle so that the sidewalls are in view and that should give you 'marketable' if not technical data.

Below, find some links to our web sites for info on building surveys and aerial IR...

Greg S.
Re:Aerial Mapping of temp. of house roofs steve @ bpg 8/9/2006
I have been involved in surveying buildings for almost 20 years in Europe and the US and have seen this tried over and over again. Correlation between pitched roof surface temperatures and insulation levels is almost non-existant. Flat and standing seam low pitch roofs can be surveyed from the air but there is always the need for follow up inspections to verify what the thermal imager is telling you.

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