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Rodent Detection Bob Kulakowski 7/12/2006

I am a new user to thermography. I have been contacted by a potential client to identify rodent infestation in an older building. Quote" The critters are the rats of NIMH! Helped themselves to my dog feeding
station in the basement and settled into space between cement floor
and raised platform floor in basement; between chimney and exterior
fieldstone wall from basement to attic, and in ceiling of enclosed
porch as as well as garage! I am going nuts!!

Since the exterminators have set up traps, etc, I haven't caught
anything, but before I found them on glue traps. Now we find droppings
and holes. Neighbors have found carcasses and live ones also.

Certainly they give off heat signatures so detection depends on the
sensitivity of your equipment. The house is a fieldstone cape, with
solid plaster walls. No insulation except in porch ceiling."

There is his description in his words.

I am using a BCAM with the QuickView 2.0 software.

ANy thoughts? Thanks!

Re:Rodent Detection ICA 8/28/2006
Dependent on a number of factor's, I would think that you should be able to detect the Rodents. Typically they are nocturnal as I remeber form my days on the ranch. You might want to take a hint from the exterminator, and watch where they are sitting their traps. They usually will nest in shreaded paper, insulation, or anything they they feel safe. If this is a persistent problem, the real question is whre are they getting in?
Also, tell the owner once he stops feeding them they will lose interest and move on. Try sealing the dog food container.

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