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IR Scan Agreements Bob Kulakowski 7/20/2006
Does anyone have a boiler-plate agreement for IR Thermography that they would share?

You can e-mail me at

if you do not wish to share them globally.


Re:IR Scan Agreements harrawood 8/9/2006
I would love to see a copy of an agreement also. I am starting from scratch on one and would like any help I could get.

Thanks Chris Harrawood
Re:IR Scan Agreements kinseyindallas 8/2/2007
Me to, someone has one.
Re:IR Scan Agreements Morena 8/16/2007
Hi I would also like a copy, if your willing to share that is
Re:IR Scan Agreements Morena 8/16/2007
If you do could you please e-mail to

Much appreciated
Re:IR Scan Agreements larrysmyj 8/27/2007
If you can also send me a copy of that "boiler plate agreement, I would love to see it. I am a licensed Home Inspector and I wonder how different it is from my Pre-Inspection Agreement. Thanks, Larry Smyj
Re:IR Scan Agreements rondawes 8/28/2007
Ditto! Thanks.

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