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Voice Comment stu 2/8/2004
After saving an IR image and voice comment on my camera,I then downloaded the files to a laptop.I can't hear or locate the voice comment on the laptop but the image is fine. The camera is a p40, Thank You for any help.
Re:Voice Comment Bernie Lyon 2/9/2004
The voice comment for your image is embedded in the image file. In order to hear the comment, you must use the ThermaCAM Reporter software program. When you create a report, you can right click on the image and you will see a list of options. One of these is Voice Comment...
Here is some text from the Reporter Help File:

The voice comment feature only available for some ThermaCAM PM Camera models.
Using the voice comments, you can link the inspection to the reporting process. The voice comments are intended for recording the data of the comments and properties in the report, which in turn will end up in fields or tables on the report pages. To use voice comments in the most effective way requires a little planning. In principle, the way the comments are defined in ThermaCAM Reporter 2000 Professional should be done in such a way that it matches the way the recording of the voice comment is usually done. Otherwise, you may have to play the recording back and forth when you do the reporting. The odd pieces of information that you record for typing into a Text object in the report, is most convenient to record at the end.

With voice comment equipped cameras, you can record information that is general for the whole report and for individual images. The sound file for the report properties is stored directly under the report directory on the PC-Card hard disk drive. The sound file for the images is embedded in the respective IR image files, for these cameras.
When you create reports with voice comments, you should use the Wizard in order to conveniently be able to listen to them and type them in as report properties or IR text comments.

Re:Voice Comment stu 2/10/2004
Thank you Bernie Lyon. Have a good day.

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