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Looking for advice Heat Seeker 7/25/2006
I thought I had a handle on these issues but just not sure and thought what a better place to check that with ones peers. I am new to the industry and have some questions about what to charge and wanting to be fair to customers and myself as well as others in the industry. I would like to know what others charge per hour for scanning, report producing, travel, etc. and if it is in US or Canadian funds. I thank you for you help in advance. You may contact me privately if you wish at
Re:Looking for advice IR an IR Man 7/30/2006

This is a very complicated issue. You must know what you have to have to make a living, no one else knows that but you. You have to determine how far you are willing to travel, how much your time is worth, what is costs you to travel, eat, etc. There are so many variables to charging for this service. I suppose that may be the reason you have not received many responses to your question or people may not want to tell you what they charge for fear of someone trying to undercut their price. (Which happens quite often) The best thing for you to do is figure out what it costs you to produce the work, what your time is worth and a minimum time to charge for jobs based on distance traveled. Sorry I can't be more specific, but only you can find out what the going rate is in the areas where you plan to work. Good Luck!

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