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New to the business Andrew22 7/27/2006
I am new to the IR business in Central Pennsylvania. I have two questions. The first is whether or not anyone in PA, MD, NJ, OH would be willing to allow me to go along on an inspection or two for the day just to get more experience and pick your brain.

My other question is about E&O. I have obtained general liability insurance but nobody want to to write and E&O policy for me. Is it necessary and if so where do I get it?

Any help is appreciated.
Re:New to the business Conrad 7/28/2006
be sure to get a good moisture meter if doin bulding envelope...
Re:New to the business RichWurzbach 8/12/2006
Andrew, we are based in Central PA and have been performing IR inspections for many years. Please feel free to give us a call.
Rich Wurzbach
Maintenance Reliability Group

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