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Wind effects on temperature deaton 7/31/2006
Does anyone have a simple table on wind speed effects on outdoor electrical connections?
Re:Wind effects on temperature electricpete 7/31/2006
For wind above 3 mph:
dTcorrected = dTmeasured * WCF
WCF = 0.7022*mph^(0.4442) ~ 0.7 * sqrt(mph)

All correlations of this type are approximate. Above 10 or 15 mph you really shouldn't trust any correlation.

Re:Wind effects on temperature Doctir bob 7/31/2006
I did some research on this to get a handle on wind speed correction. I used various power settings on a simulated hot spot. I got different correction factors for every power setting. This means to correct for wind speed with any degree of confidence, you need to know the power dissipation. But if you know that, you know how bad the problem is. Use any correction factor including the one shown with a great deal of caution. Our experience is that wind is a significant, exponential cooling event and even a 3 mph wind can cut the temperature rise in half. See attached graphs.

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