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Infrared routes arkflash 7/31/2006
I need to make a list of equipment and keep a better track of what I've been scanning simular to what I do with vibration routes.
Does anyone use PDM's?
Re:Infrared routes RichWurzbach 8/12/2006
I think you mean PDAs. We are using them with Webview2000 on government subcontract work at the National Institutes of Health. We use a barcode scanner (Intermec) and it walks us through the routes, which include IR, ultrasound, and visual inspections.

You can call me to discuss our experience, or see the company's website at

Rich Wurzbach
Maintenance Reliability Group
Re:Infrared routes Top Gun 11/18/2006
What I did in a manufacturing plant that had over 100 pieces of equipment as a full-time employee was to make up a chart that covered the plant in one month. That chart looked like a calendar with about six machines on each day square with a box for each to check off if an individual machine was successfully inspected. That way you could tell if everything has been inspected or not, and you can go back to previous days where a machine wasn't inspected due to production schedules, downtime, or whatever and catch it later. That way, if several machines are down when you get there, you can move ahead in the schedule or route and still get the scheduled number of machines for that day. This tracking system worked fine and was executed using Microsoft Excel. This assumes you are doing a certain facility repeatedly. You must be fully aware of the total number of items to be in your schedule and have a list of these on paper or in the computer, and keep the list current with the actual machines or items in the plant. Sometimes new equipment was installed and old equipment removed, and your records need to show that. I hope this helps.
Re:Infrared routes Laland 11/19/2006
To add to those mentioned above, coordinate with operation, maintenance, production to get information on equipments to be scanned. They are more aware on critical equipments that need to be monitored, additional equipments installed and schedule of usage of equipments.

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