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I have a client here who has requested me to scan stator coils connections at the exciter and turbine ends to locate overheating joints. This scan is basically to be done after they are through with a rewinding job on the generator.

Would you have any examples regarding similar jobs you may have done previously that can add value to my scanning.? If so, kindly please
forward via email.

Personally I was thinking of setting up the equipment at either end of the genarator (the coil connections are clearly visible from either
end), and requesting them to run the machine while I save images (definitely after doing the right settings for the scanner).

Re:STATOR COIL CONNECTIONS thermoimagen 2/10/2004
Can you considerer to make scans before and after the rewinding .. maybe this can help you too.

Theoratically all the stator coils should be within the same temperature range when the generator is excited. Look for any abnormal temperatures. Also focus on the jumper connections for the windings. The jumpers are normally welded at site and may have comparatively high resistance which'll give rise to heat dissipation.
temperature standarized 20732 8/27/2007
Dear All,
I am from indonesia, a new comer in thermography,and need help...
are there any of you have standarized for electrical cables temperature complete with cable sizing and load ampere..?. please send me if you dont mind to my you.

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