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Finding underground oil tanks Guido 8/15/2006
Hi Everybody,

We have been approached by a customer who has at least 1, but probable 2 underground oil tanks. They are no longer in use and probably almost empty.
This means there will be (almost) no temperature difference with the surrounding ground, therefore the tanks are not visible with infra-red thermography. Above the tanks is partially grass and bricks.

Probably the best option to get an image is directly after sunrise or sunset, because of the warming up and cooling down of the ground, which will create a temperature difference, but I can also imagine the soil to prevent arising a temperature difference.

Warming the tanks (or cooling) in another way is not possible, since the piping no longer exists.

We are using a P 65 camera.

Please help me with your advise or experience.

Guido van Westerlaak
Re:Finding underground oil tanks TDLIR 8/15/2006
you might have better luck using ground penetrating radar. But the brick may cause a problem.

Re:Finding underground oil tanks Intertec 8/15/2006
Ground penetrating radar or resistivity would also work.
For the GPR to work you would have to remove the bricks, and with resitivity it would depend on the spacing of the probes.
GPR is still the best option and the more reliable.
Re:Finding underground oil tanks bazza 8/15/2006
What area is the site? What is the surface area of the tanks? What depth are the tanks at? If the site is small and you will be required to excavate the tanks it may be easier to just drive probes into the ground.
Might be an easier option
Re:Finding underground oil tanks Guido 8/24/2006
Thanks for your advise.

But does this mean nobody has any experience in finding underground tanks with infrared?

Re:Finding underground oil tanks Bob Berry 8/25/2006
It should be possible, but very difficult and will depend on size and depth of tank, soil type, ground conditions and weather as already pointed out. It should be easier to use ground penetrating radar.

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