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Radiant Floor Heating Andrew22 8/21/2006
I have my first IR job next week. I was contacted by an insurance company to take images of a radiant floor heating system that is not working properly. They want to find where the system is leaking without having to tear up the entire concrete floor

Any advice from the experienced thermographers out there.
Re:Radiant Floor Heating Gary Orlove 8/21/2006
See the article "Locating Radiant Heating System Piping" at .

Here is a link to an InfraMation paper on this subject as well,

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Radiant Floor Heating Gordon Leaman 9/8/2006
While I haven't personnaly done this, I have seen thermal images from in floor radiant heating and the images clearly show the location of the radiant hydronic tubing.

Should be easy to do...
Re:Radiant Floor Heating gordo 9/8/2006
I just read your post, so you have likely already completed your scan.

In scanning in-floor radiant lines, the key is to ensure that the system is "off" before you start, and that the slab being scanned is "cold". When ready, have the system charged, and with the imager already on and calibrated, watch as the loops begin to heat up, and become visible.

Dependant upon the system, and number of loops, etc., you will have enough time to trace each loop and determine if a blockage or leak has occurred.

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