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Refinery Heater Tube Inspection Prashanta 8/29/2006
Dear All,

We are facing a problem of incorrect reading with our AGEMA-550, while taking the reading of the tube skin, which is having a temp. of around 850 deg C as per thermocouple.

However, the heater tube skin below 600 deg C are showing correct temp.

What can be the problem ?


Re:Refinery Heater Tube Inspection TDLIR 8/31/2006
Has your 550 ever gotten accurate temperatures above 600C before on this furnace? In other words, is this a new problem you think you are getting with your 550 because in the past it was always accurate on this furnace? Or is it that you have just started using this particular 550 on your furnace and noticed this problem?

First rule out any IR equipment calibration or other problems. Once you are sure you imager is working properly, you can work on troubleshooting your problem. Starting with the reliability and accuracy of your TC.

Sonny James

Re:Refinery Heater Tube Inspection ecruz 8/31/2006
Is the 850 C reading ubcorrected? If so, you need to input the emissivity and background temperature to get the actual thermocouple reading.
Re:Refinery Heater Tube Inspection Prashanta 11/29/2006
Thanks for the reply. Now the same 550 Camera is under break down.


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