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Companies with safety concerns! simmsy 9/6/2006
Hi there,
Firstly just want to say hi. I am new to this site and from Australia, so this is a great site for reading up on different ideas from all over the world on thermography.
My query is this -
In Australia we are starting to get some of the larger mining companies scaling down there thermography commitments due to the fact that there "safety commity" are concerned about flash overs when you open up the panels on MCC's. Has this been a problem for anyone else, and have you been able to find enough information to let them know that thermography is safe and certainly alot better than having an MCC blowup.

Thanks for your comments.

Re:Companies with safety concerns! Tony Holliday (HAWK IR) 9/6/2006
Hi Simmsy,

Installing Arc-Resistant Infrared (IR) Sightglasses allows IR scanning to be performed quickly and safely.

I have attached an image of arc-resistant IR Sightglasses installed into HV cubicles on a large power generation plant in Australia.

Drop me a line directly and I will put you in touch with our local representatives in Australia who can help you further.

Best regards,

Tony Holliday
Hawk IR International Ltd.
TOLL Free (US) 1-877-4-HAWKIR
International. +44 (0) 1642 497000

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