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LNG detection IR-indo 9/7/2006
Can GasFindIR detect LNG leak? Somebody demo to us using GasFindIR but he is not success to detect LNG leak? But GasFindIR can detect LPG leak. Why GasFindIR can not find it?

Thank you
Re:LNG detection TomC 9/19/2006
As LNG is comprised of about 90% methane it should be readily visble. Possibly the background wasn't conducive to seeing the gas? Did you try switching polarity on the camera and seeing the gas as a white cloud instead of black due to background considerations?
Re:LNG detection IR-indo 9/22/2006
Thank Tom,

I have changed polarity and use manual gain and level. The LNG spay out from stove. Beside the object I inspected was hot stove. Please advice could I see LNG in front or sorrounding with hot background?

Thank you.

Re:LNG detection TomC 10/1/2006
With a hot background it should give you a very good picture. also you can try a "scene NUC" by positioning the camera on a tripod and going through the NUC procedure with the lens cap off.
(Hold the shift button and then press the NUC button that is located by the eyepiece). This will freeze the scene you are viewing and only show you the changes to the scene, ie. the moving gas.

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