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The image size issue on software development robertbaggio 9/10/2006
I find following description for GetCameraProperty method in SDK 2.5 document:

58 R/W Short Image rotation 0 = Normal
1 = Horizontal
2 = Vertical
3 = Diagonally

As my understanding, I can get image with different image height and width when I change the value x in source code like: SetCameraProperty(58, x). But I alway get error code 28 when I call this method like SetCameraProperty(58, 0). Could you please tell me the root cause of that error?
Re:The image size issue on software development Pelle 9/10/2006

The Property 58 is a property setting that is only valid for the AGEMA Thermovision 1000, that is the reason for the error 28 "Requested Function Not Supported"
GetError(28) should return that explanation.

Pelle Soderberg
FLIR Systems
Re:The image size issue on software development robertbaggio 9/10/2006
Hi, Pelle
Thanks for your timely reponse. I still have further concern during my development on FLIR A40.

How can I get an image with Height is 320 and Width is 240 on FLIR A40? Seemed answer is: no way. Can you confirmed that?

In addition, I could not implement GetCameraProperty method for Zoom factor(42) either, is it the same root cause?
Re:The image size issue on software development Pelle 9/11/2006

When you retrieve the Image using GetImage or GetImages you get a Array that is (320,240) with 320 as Width and 240 as height. If you want this oriented as 240 x 320 i.e. rotating the image 90 degrees. then it is up to you as a programmer to read out the array and display it in whatever orientation you desire.

To be able to use the Zoom factor (will only work on the Video Output from the Camera) on an A40 you need to make sure that the camera has this function. This is a special configuration and need to be requested from FLIR, Please contact the local FLIR office fo more information.

P.S. The zoom function will not send out less data on the digital link and zoom in the digital data is easily implemented in software by the programmer.

Re:The image size issue on software development robertbaggio 9/11/2006
Hi, Pelle
Let me explain my application in detail. Actually we capture several thermal image for one person for medical purpose. The common scenario is that the person stand in front of camera, then we take several pictures from head to foot. Therefore if we got image with 320 height and 240 width , we need 3 pictures for one person; if we got image with 320 width and 240 height, we need 5 or more pictures for one person.
As you said, I can rotate the raw image in my program absolutely, but it is useless for our application. We need the raw image which was got from camera has 240 width and 320 height.
Re:The image size issue on software development JKEngineer 9/12/2006
I am not familiar with the A40 and have not used the SDK...BUT..
Rotating an image after acquisition does not change its content. Doing what you describe will result in 5 images showing the person on their side instead of standing up. What you want to do is rotate the camera and then acquire the images. At least that's how it seems to me.

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Re:The image size issue on software development Pelle 9/12/2006

What Jack suggested is what you need to do.
Rotate the Camera 90 Degrees then you need to rotate either the Stored Image or the Live data from the Camera.
The Video out will not be rotated and will not be easy to use.
But if you rotated and display the image from the Camera in the software Live then it should work OK.
Just remember that you can not expect these images to work in FLIR's normal Reporter Software as it only works on the raw images stored straight from the camera and they are always 320 x 240.

Pelle Soderberg
Re:The image size issue on software development robertbaggio 9/12/2006
Seemed that we have to rotate camera.

Thanks to all!

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