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Molten Glass Emissivity lonestarjr 9/11/2006
Does anybody have any information regarding emissivity settings to use when shooting molten glass in temperature ranges up to 2400 degF? If you prefer you can respond off line to
Re:Molten Glass Emissivity Gary Orlove 9/11/2006
What is the wavelength sensitivity range on your infrared camera?

What kind of glass is it?

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Molten Glass Emissivity manuel-thermoimagen 9/11/2006
i am interested too at wich is the answer.
for example,
E value for Flint glass?..
Amber glass (budweisser)?..
Georgia green (coca-cola bottles)?
Emerald green (dark green for some wines)?

camera i use works on 3-5 range.

Re:Molten Glass Emissivity lonestarjr 9/13/2006
The product is actually a bora silicate that is being melted. It is molten and white in color at the point where we are trying to measure temperatures. The camera I am using is a P65 calibrated for temperatures up to 1500 Deg C that I am renting from FLIR for this specific application. I don't have the specifics on this camera, but I assume it is the same 7.5-13 micrometers that my P60 is.
Re:Molten Glass Emissivity Bob Berry 9/13/2006
The P65 and your original P60 are both LWIR cameras although the exact spectral response may differ as the early P60's came with a BAE detector and the newer P65's come with an Indigo and outside the USA they come with a A Ulis detector, so you should not assume the same emisivity settings for both cameras.

With LWIR cameras you should be able to see the surface of the glass only (not through the glass like in MWIR) and this should help with temperature measurement.

I am unsure of the emisivity of bora silicate, but I would assume it to be quite high, I would assume it to be over .9, but ???????
Re:Molten Glass Emissivity Gary Orlove 9/15/2006
Here is the only emissivity information I have been able to find on borosilicate glass (commonly known as Pyrex). This is from a paper by Bob Madding given at Thermosense a couple of years back.

Sorry I couldn't find LW data. Measure or have a spectral analysis done and publish for InfraMation 2007!

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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